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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2010|11:22 pm]
 Livejournal is so dumb, but i'm procrastinating on this soils and environmental paper SOOO SO SO much that I am resorting to writing a pointless entry in this dumb excuse for a blog. I am so rude to you, huh, lj?

welllllll, what to say, what to say?

Things I'm looking forward to in chronological order:
1) This paper being over. I'd love it if it could write itself, I already wrote about 3 pages, I do notttttt care enough about freaking manure application on soils to add 2 more pages onto this BS. No, not base saturation randy miles, not everything in my life is about stupid soils. this goes to you too, peter motavalli. i am going into the WATER track, okay? I think I have learned way too much about soils after the first week of class. I. am. over. it.
2) Going home. Gotta see my way awesome package that holds my binoculars. I'm gonna be the neighborhood creep and spy on the little kiddies in tiger tots. >:P sweeeeet, sweeeeeet bed where are you?
3) FRIDAY AT APPROXIMATELY 9:50! No class til Monday, November 29th...at 8. UGH RANDY MILES, you're lucky I like you as a person and that you give pop quizzes and I have no friends in that class to get notes from and that you don't use blackboard otherwise I would NEVER show up!
4) going to st. louissssss. I miss my home, my fam, my cutie dog, and a life where i don't have to do crap every day all day.
5) 'ARRY POTTA' and the deathly hallows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg
6) Thanksgiving. oh gosh, i'm never gonna stop eating all break long, no joke.
7) My last soils lab/soils class/soils and env. class. SORRY BUT IT'S THE TRUTH, School of Natural Resources/Dept. of Soils, Atmospheric, and Environmental Science. I will miss you, Crystal, you were a cooky ta.
8) All my finals to be done! I hope I get somewhat decent grades on them, but I'm not sure, cause I really suck at all my classes. cept my thailand class and mythology, but c'mon, those are freebies.
9) No more class!!!! AHHH never taking 19 hours EVER AGAIN. I will miss mythology though. I love that professor to death. he is awesome and he is a pilf. A motherfuckin pilf.
10) WINTER BREAKKK!!! Nuff said
11) CHRISTMASSSSSSS! things get more and more exciting with time, clearly. this is my favorite holiday. I simply can not wait.
12) THAILAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think about this every day of my life. it's gonna be simply amazing and i don't think i'll ever wanna come back to stupid missouri, lol.
13) my 21st birthday! aw yeah, it'll happen in thailand and it won't matter cause it's legal for me to drink there anyway, but i wanna celebrate at least a little! I don't care what the ajarns say, i'm having my celebratory first legal drink dammit.

k, i think that's it. my mind can't think past this. gotta lot to look forward to in less than 2 months time, though. i'd say...

alright, i'm going to write this stupid paper. there is a cute indian guy sitting across from me. livejournal is stupid.
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uselessuselessuseless [Jul. 6th, 2010|01:12 pm]

Hmm, what to say, what to say. I don't know, it's July, and I can't wait til August. It'll be sad that summer's gonna be over soon, but at least I'll be in Columbia, with my loves, and I'll get to see errybody on a regular basis. I just can't wait, cause I feel out of the loop on everyone's life. It's my fault for reals, just cause I'm a bad texter and get real lazy cause I have so much lame stuff to do in my life. Ah well, it'll be nice to play catch up in august.

anyway, THANK YOU MIZZOU FINANCIAL AID. you really had me scared for a minute there, cause I thought I was only going to get that one scholarship and my parents were still gonna have to pay a boatload of money, and I was like "What a jip, I'm supposed to get more money from you as the years go on." But you saved the day, and it's a big weight off my shoulders. I don't care that I'll have huge loans, I just don't wanna depend on my parents for that stuff and have them get mad at my life choices. so thanks.

i loveeee my car, but i'm kinda anxious about driving to columbia just cause it'll be my first time doing it solo and i'm afraid i'll get lost. lol oh well lalala i'll get over it.

stupid gas station paperwork, i hate excel.

world cup game in 27 minutesss. these games are the only things keeping me sane this past month, since I am pretty much cooped up in my house 99.99999% of my days.

my swimming lessons end tomorrow, and idk if i'm an adequate swimmer now but hopefully it's enough for me to learn how to scuba dive. yeesh, i'm kinda scared about that. whatev.

this post is so random. anyway, that's probably all you guys need to pay attention to cause i'm gonna make myself a check list for the house, so you can just ignore the rest of this post. and i'm only making a check list for my own benefit, cause i keep losing all my post-it notes.

What I Have:
- Shoe rack
- Two coffee mugs
- One glass
- 58 pieces of silverware
- 2 huge rectangular rugs
-Bathroom cleaning stuff
- Other stuff like clothes
- Coffee Table
- Dining Table w/ 3 leather chairs and one random chair
- Dish Rack
- Colander
- Strainer
- Two couches
- Two mattresses (one for me, and one for eliz)
- Bed Frame (I guess I'll still have to take my wooden one, even though elizabeth can't use the metal one lol)
- Dresser (thank you, sweetie)
- Four shelved metal rack thingie (?)
- Random used pots and pans
- Sleeping Bag
- Random food containers

What I Need/Probably Need:
- Binoculars
- Get all my car stuff together
- Sam's Club Membership
- Cups/Glasses
- Dresser (taken care of)
- Bowls & Plates
- Laundry schtuff
- Talk to utility companies and transfer it to our names blah blah blah i don't really know how to do this. But thanks to Aaron's roommate, I will hopefully have this done in the next couple days! (UPDATE: utilities = donezoooo).

ugh, i'll update this later.

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It's been a long road, getting from there to here. [May. 21st, 2010|04:55 pm]
 My, oh my. I haven't been on Livejournal in ages but I realize that I forgot to do my obligatory "it's the end of another school year" livejournal entry, so I suppose I will do that now.

It has been such a long, eventful year. Schoolwise, I've been beat. First semester was awesome; I got all A's and an A-. Second semester KICKED. MY. ASS. Two C's, a B, and two A-. Yeesh. I don't really know what happened. I guess I can blame a good portion of it on the fact that a lot of my free time second semester was devoted to work. I also despised chemistry and ichthyology with great passions, and those were the classes I ended up getting C's in. But I suppose I should be very grateful cause I definitely could have failed both of them had huge curves not helped me. I still haven't told my parents yet, and I know they are going to make me show them sometime this summer and I am scared of what will happen. They still aren't over the fact that I'm going down the "wrong path in life." Just this morning, my mother asked me if was still planning on "doing that environmental stupid major?" I told her a confident, and unfaltering YES and she dropped the matter but then she chopped her chicken with attitude, so I'm sure my parents still talk about it to all my relatives behind my back. Because they are very ashamed. And embarrassed. What a dumb little Indian kid I must be, not going into medicine! Or engineering! Good Lord! Thinking outside the box?! Breaking the pattern?! What is this tomfoolery?!?! Anyway, I am glad school is over, though I wish I was still in Columbia and away from this house and its constricting rules.

Anyway, moving on... working at Eva J's this past semester was an overall good experience, I thought. Sure, it definitely didn't help me in the grades department. But, I finally had my first real job. I worked at the gas station, yeah...but my boss was my DAD. That's not real. I didn't even get a real paycheck from the man. Working at Eva J's was such a learning experience. And all the people I met! I'll never forget them. I'll never forget that stupid, retarded Asian Yufu. Or cute, old Rudy who would always say "Teresa!' in his cute Spanish accent every time he saw me. I definitely won't forget the dynamic duo that is James and Tone. Haha... Jay Kay... I really can't forget that dummy. I can't forget Ernest, and I'm kinda sad I never really got to know him. We sort of had a conversation about what he plans to do with his life on my very last shift and it made me regret never really talking to him before then. I can't forget Lisa McDaniels and her little twig self: my first real "boss." Can't forget Mark, especially if he's still trying to be a part of my life, which means I can't forget that dumb little she-slut who's in his closet. And I can't forget my pizza to go people. Finney (even though I never really worked with him), Marriott (who may be one of my favorite people who works there), Sam and Liz, George Bailey!, and of course Ben. I'm gonna miss Ben. He was such a stud. But it'll be nice to leave Eva J's and move on to Rollins. At least I'll be working with Elizabeth and people I like and I'll be working pizza shifts, which are always my fave.

And blah blah blah no one cares about work, let's talk about what I absolutely love in life: my friends! My best friends. Ha, I remember way back at the end of freshman year when we had to fill out our ROARs and Alba and Elizabeth wanted to leave in one of the new dorms and I was like ehhh, and I picked a room in Cramer. But then I noticed a room that was open just a room away from theirs. And it dawned on me, that there's no point if Cramer is less expensive... I would be living with losers like ERICH (with an H!!). And so I switched. And then I had this Asian roommate, but she like... left in a heartbeat. And then this blonde girl took her spot and I was like cool, maybe this one will work out...maybe I'll like this one. She stuck around for a bit. But then she left "accidentally," but it was on purpose, most definitely. So then, I was like whateverrrr. And then another girl took her spot and her name was Julia. Elizabeth checked her out and said that she meowed a lot. I learned that this was a pretty true observation. And the beginning of the year was rocky. Rocky in the sense that it was just awkward, I suppose. But then again, it usually is between new roommates. And we quickly got over that. And now she is one of my best friends. And I am so grateful that those other two roommates I had left, because she really has changed my life for the better. And she'll never really know how much I appreciate her and love her. :)

But continuing on this topic, the four of us have become very close. But there was way too much drama throughout the course of the year that tested all of our friendships with each other. It would have been nice if it never happened, but I guess I am kinda glad it did; it did bring us all together at the end. Especially with the latest drama that unfolded, all of us banded together in support. I'm glad that the situation happened just because it showed how strong our friendships are. And now... we're living in a house together! This excited me like no other. I simply can't wait for August. I just can't believe that the next time I'll be living in Columbia, it will be with three people I absolutely adore! And with three animals! :) There is so much to look forward to in this next year. I can't wait to see what unfolds. I wanted to write more, but Friends is going to be on in six minutes and I have been blabbing way too much as it is. Til next year, when I write in this journal again!
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Turn right, into my arms. Turn right, you won't be alone. [Jun. 16th, 2009|12:39 am]
[Current Music |Turn Right - Jonas Brothers.]

It's weird how like the last couple weeks of my life I've been so sheltered from the world and in a matter of a couple of hours I managed to reconnect with people and emerge (somewhat) back into society. I wish my parents realized I'm 19 years old. I also wish it was as easy to see people as it was at Mizzou. All I had to do was walk for about five minutes and then BAM. Now it takes a lot more effort and happens a lot less often. :/

Summer school's weird as well. Sure it's only one class. But it's 3 hours a day, 4 days a week, and... it's physics! Talk about blech. I mean, so far, it's not hard or anything. Just basically Goozh lessons all over again. But these labs and lab reports and tests every week are going to be a pain. But at least I know how to use vernier calipers and micrometer calipers. So if you ever want to measure your hair precisely, I'm your gal.

This guy in my class looks like he's a freshman in high school... if that. But my teacher is funny. He's Indian and he says "Okay?" after every other sentence, but it has a little Indian twang to it, so it's just funny.

I need to do a lab report. Balls. School isn't fun when you can't hang out with friends.:/
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(no subject) [May. 8th, 2009|03:28 pm]
[Current Mood |Pleased and content with life]
[Current Music |Random music Eboni is playing... haha]

Oh boy, this reading day sure has been productive...


Well, "not" in the sense of academia, but in the sense of leisure, I feel it was a win:

+dying (dyeing?) strips of elizabeth's hair pink.
+realizing I can be a pretty decent at hair dyeing (dying?).
+walked away with a neon pink hand.
+ate peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. As well as a banana.
+wrote. :]
+watched a number of music videos.
+time spent enjoying the endless possibilities of the internet.
+mountain dew
+bought bosco sticks. have to find microwave to warm them up.
+used probably a total of 23 ATPs in the whole process of this day.
+not caring that I've been a sloth.
+not caring it's a lazy friday.
+not caring that I have 3 finals next week, a final computer project, and a paper due.
+not caring in general.

Time enjoyed wasting, was time not wasted, right? I'm sure the saying goes something like that...

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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2009|11:01 am]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

I'm very tired. Maybe it's cause of the long night or the massive studying. Or both. Or maybe I'm just tired of this place. I just need to get away. 2 weeks from now seems so far.

I just want to crawl under my comforter and sleep until tomorrow morning. Is that too much to ask for? Is it?

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Let it burn right through my shoes! [Apr. 26th, 2009|11:41 pm]
[Current Location |My room]
[Current Mood |shockedc'mon we can do it!]
[Current Music |Walk Through Hell - Say Anything]

Just a few more weeks to go. I feel like the little engine that could, ya know? My FIRST YEAR AT COLLEGE is almost finished. I can taste summer. It's so close, yet so far. I just have hurdle after hurdle to jump before I reach that beautiful finish line. I just have to chug a little more, and put all the strength I have into this home stretch.

I can't believe a whole school year has almost passed. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were at our prom, and I log onto Facebook and I see album after album of the class of '09's albums. It's so weird.

But anyway, I can't wait until this whole school scene is done because I am writing a paper on the moral of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel T. Coleridge and it's b-a-l-l-s. Did I mention it has to be 6-8 pages? I'm going to shoot for 5, since it's just a rough draft. I sure hope I do okay on this thing. It'd be nice to get an A in English for once in my life.

Elizabeth, I'm listening to Faithful by Tyler Hilton right now. Just wanted to let you know. It's helping me drown out Shamari & Brittaney & Kendra's chatter. I like this song.

Man, I just wanna sit on a beach right now. Or take a long walk on a beach. Why is Missouri in the middle of the freakin' U.S. of A? Bummer to the maximum.

I should probably get back to writing now since I'm only starting my 4th page now. :'[

Bullet --> head --> brains on wall.

lol. just kidding.

Anyway, adieu for now.

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Baby, and you might still have meeee. [Apr. 20th, 2009|10:49 pm]
[Current Music |Should've Said No - Taylor Swift]

Oh man. Conversations with Elizabeth are never dull. i'm glad we talk about real issues... well, one real enough issue. It's nice.

I looked at this measly post and realized it needed more meat on it's bones. So, here it goes:

Mizzou is just fabulous. I couldn't have picked a better school to go to, honestly. I mean, I'm sure my parents wholeheartedly disagree with me, but I have no regrets. Never have, never will. I'm in love with life.

I mean, school in general is just blah blah blah. Biology test was alright, just like I thought. Got the grade I thought I would get. My other classes are just peachy as well. Finals might beat my soul into the ground, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Phil Silverman (my chemistry professor) is a nutball penguin though. And although I'm not living in Hudson this semester, all is not lost. Sure, my Hudson friends have evaporated, kinda. But it's no biggie. I do miss Hudson though. I just realized I can experience a wonderful college life outside of that crazy fun building.

And basically everything else going on in my life is just the same as it has been. Nothing new, nothing different, but really, it's not tragic or anything. I'm satisfied in every corner of life.

Summer time is coming soon. I'm happy. I might just have a license, drive a car, have a job, hang out with friends, and all that good stuff. Hope so anyway.

Hmm, I should update people on the happenings of my life more often. Well, guess you can expect one sooner or later. Til then.
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this is for alba... [Mar. 8th, 2009|11:12 pm]
1) I had a pet parrot. I only had it for a day or so. It died super fast. It made me sad.
2) For the longest time, I thought that my Sunday School class climbed onto a brick wall and jumped onto this big, giant, pinkish cake. But it wasn't really cake, it was like a blow-up cake full of air. One day many years later when I was sharing the story with my family at dinner, my dad asked me if the cake felt like a pillow/my bed... insinuating that it was all a dream. I didn't believe him for a long time, but now... I do. A big, air cake? Really?
3) I wanted a dog all my life. And now I have one and I wouldn't trade her for any other dog in the world.
4) I wanted to be an archeologist, a scuba diver, an actress, a singer, a model, an oceanographer, a veterinarian, a pediatrician, and another kind of doctor (ha!) at different points in my life. I've settled on a good one, I think.
5) I was obsessed with all things Pokemon once upon a time.
6) One time, I tripped after I got off the bus and tore a hole in my pants and cut my knee. I was so scared my parents would get mad at me I told them a boy pushed me. They got mad and complained to the principal. Anyway, long story short, I had to apologize to everyone. I never felt so crummy.
7) I don't have an iPod or an MP3 player of any sorts. I don't even have a CD player. But, eh, my world's alright.
8) I am really possessive about my things. Sure, you can use them when I'm there... but when it's out of my possession, I start to freak out. I think it's because I barely ever got things that I wanted as kid, so everything I did get was a treasure.
9) My parents had to use food stamps and go to a food bank for the first few years of my life. I got to volunteer there a couple of years ago. It was nice.
10) My middle name is James, my sister's middle name is James, my mother's middle name is James, my father's middle name is Thomas, but his first name is James.
11) I used to call macaroni "makoli." My dad still brings this up all the time. "You want some MAKOLI and cheese?!" *chuckle chuckle*
12) I also used to call Cheetos "Tiger." I think this is because I thought the cheetah looked like a tiger. I don't think my dad caught that though...
13) My dad used to set up a video camera and I would dance and sing songs that I literally came up with off the top of my head. And they can go for 5 minutes. Seriously. Ask my sister. I am always embarassed whenever we watch these stupid tapes, but I can't stop laughing because I'm so stupid looking.
14) I got to "pick" out the house we moved to. I picked it because the family that lived there had a dog and a hamster. I thought we could keep both. Wrong.
15) I had to sing random songs in front of multitudes of Indians. It sucked. My mom made me and my sister do it all the time.
16) I was deathly afraid that burgulars/murderers/rapists would break into our apartment/house all the time. The littlest noise downstairs or outside would scare me half to death and keep me up for a good hour or so. Still does.
17) I can't sleep with the closet doors open. I thought burgulars/murderers/rapists would stay there and watch and wait until I fell asleep. I guess I thought if I closed the door, they would leave our house.
18) My parents owned a gas station in Festus, Dupo, and Bonne Terre (not all at the same time, of course). Now, we only have one at Dupo. We also randomly had a Computer Renaissance, but I'm not sure what happened to that...
19) I like to daydream. A lot. I form stories with really weird plotlines and play them out in my head constantly, like I'm watching a movie. Sometimes I think it's unhealthy, because it's really entertaining sometimes.
20) Sometimes I wonder how life would be if I grew up in India.
21) I used to catch lizards in India. I caught them bare-handed and would show them to my sister. Except sometimes, I would grab their tail and it would come off and wiggle a little in my hand. And then I could always tell which ones I caught cause their tails would always be smaller than the others... at least until it grew back.
22) Another India story. In my dad's house I saw my first tarantula, rat, and bat. Yeah. The only thing that really freaked me out was the tarantula though. It was bigger than my hand and I told my dad to kill it. He did but I still hate going to that house and sleeping there.
23) I really hate it when people chew on ice. It's fine if I see it, but if I hear the crunching my teeth start feeling funny. I just hate thinking about ice-on-teeth. Don't ask me why.
24) I like to people-watch. Sometimes people think I'm bored when I just sit there and look at folks, but I'm really not.
25) I don't drink enough water. Sometimes, I tell myself to and I drink a bottle, maybe. Most of the time, I just go for the soda fountain.


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(no subject) [Jan. 24th, 2009|01:46 pm]
I really really really hope I become a CA next year. Not only because it saves me money, but because my parents are saying that this is going to be my last semester at Mizzou since they can't afford to pay room and board and all that junk anymore. And they just want me in their lives all the time. And so, if I get to be a CA, that'll be saving them a whole bunch more money than if i went to wash u, or slu, or any of the other random suggestions they threw at me. We'll see. Who knows what their narrow-minded selves will take away from me next...

Maybe I should just whore myself out on the corner of College and Rollins. That'll save me money, for sure!
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