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uselessuselessuseless [Jul. 6th, 2010|01:12 pm]

Hmm, what to say, what to say. I don't know, it's July, and I can't wait til August. It'll be sad that summer's gonna be over soon, but at least I'll be in Columbia, with my loves, and I'll get to see errybody on a regular basis. I just can't wait, cause I feel out of the loop on everyone's life. It's my fault for reals, just cause I'm a bad texter and get real lazy cause I have so much lame stuff to do in my life. Ah well, it'll be nice to play catch up in august.

anyway, THANK YOU MIZZOU FINANCIAL AID. you really had me scared for a minute there, cause I thought I was only going to get that one scholarship and my parents were still gonna have to pay a boatload of money, and I was like "What a jip, I'm supposed to get more money from you as the years go on." But you saved the day, and it's a big weight off my shoulders. I don't care that I'll have huge loans, I just don't wanna depend on my parents for that stuff and have them get mad at my life choices. so thanks.

i loveeee my car, but i'm kinda anxious about driving to columbia just cause it'll be my first time doing it solo and i'm afraid i'll get lost. lol oh well lalala i'll get over it.

stupid gas station paperwork, i hate excel.

world cup game in 27 minutesss. these games are the only things keeping me sane this past month, since I am pretty much cooped up in my house 99.99999% of my days.

my swimming lessons end tomorrow, and idk if i'm an adequate swimmer now but hopefully it's enough for me to learn how to scuba dive. yeesh, i'm kinda scared about that. whatev.

this post is so random. anyway, that's probably all you guys need to pay attention to cause i'm gonna make myself a check list for the house, so you can just ignore the rest of this post. and i'm only making a check list for my own benefit, cause i keep losing all my post-it notes.

What I Have:
- Shoe rack
- Two coffee mugs
- One glass
- 58 pieces of silverware
- 2 huge rectangular rugs
-Bathroom cleaning stuff
- Other stuff like clothes
- Coffee Table
- Dining Table w/ 3 leather chairs and one random chair
- Dish Rack
- Colander
- Strainer
- Two couches
- Two mattresses (one for me, and one for eliz)
- Bed Frame (I guess I'll still have to take my wooden one, even though elizabeth can't use the metal one lol)
- Dresser (thank you, sweetie)
- Four shelved metal rack thingie (?)
- Random used pots and pans
- Sleeping Bag
- Random food containers

What I Need/Probably Need:
- Binoculars
- Get all my car stuff together
- Sam's Club Membership
- Cups/Glasses
- Dresser (taken care of)
- Bowls & Plates
- Laundry schtuff
- Talk to utility companies and transfer it to our names blah blah blah i don't really know how to do this. But thanks to Aaron's roommate, I will hopefully have this done in the next couple days! (UPDATE: utilities = donezoooo).

ugh, i'll update this later.


[User Picture]From: brownsugar08
2010-07-13 08:20 pm (UTC)
lol they aiiiight. they're like weird and multi-colored. but they're huge, and julia needs them, so that's why i'm bringing them, otherwise i def. wouldn't have brought them lol.

and i need binoculars for my thailand class cause apparently we were supposed to be bird watching over summer, and I definitely didn't cause that's wack, but I think we're gonna do some bird watching in como and thailand.
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