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 Livejournal is so dumb, but i'm procrastinating on this soils… - Following the Yellow Brick Road...care to show me which way to go? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 17th, 2010|11:22 pm]
 Livejournal is so dumb, but i'm procrastinating on this soils and environmental paper SOOO SO SO much that I am resorting to writing a pointless entry in this dumb excuse for a blog. I am so rude to you, huh, lj?

welllllll, what to say, what to say?

Things I'm looking forward to in chronological order:
1) This paper being over. I'd love it if it could write itself, I already wrote about 3 pages, I do notttttt care enough about freaking manure application on soils to add 2 more pages onto this BS. No, not base saturation randy miles, not everything in my life is about stupid soils. this goes to you too, peter motavalli. i am going into the WATER track, okay? I think I have learned way too much about soils after the first week of class. I. am. over. it.
2) Going home. Gotta see my way awesome package that holds my binoculars. I'm gonna be the neighborhood creep and spy on the little kiddies in tiger tots. >:P sweeeeet, sweeeeeet bed where are you?
3) FRIDAY AT APPROXIMATELY 9:50! No class til Monday, November 29th...at 8. UGH RANDY MILES, you're lucky I like you as a person and that you give pop quizzes and I have no friends in that class to get notes from and that you don't use blackboard otherwise I would NEVER show up!
4) going to st. louissssss. I miss my home, my fam, my cutie dog, and a life where i don't have to do crap every day all day.
5) 'ARRY POTTA' and the deathly hallows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg
6) Thanksgiving. oh gosh, i'm never gonna stop eating all break long, no joke.
7) My last soils lab/soils class/soils and env. class. SORRY BUT IT'S THE TRUTH, School of Natural Resources/Dept. of Soils, Atmospheric, and Environmental Science. I will miss you, Crystal, you were a cooky ta.
8) All my finals to be done! I hope I get somewhat decent grades on them, but I'm not sure, cause I really suck at all my classes. cept my thailand class and mythology, but c'mon, those are freebies.
9) No more class!!!! AHHH never taking 19 hours EVER AGAIN. I will miss mythology though. I love that professor to death. he is awesome and he is a pilf. A motherfuckin pilf.
10) WINTER BREAKKK!!! Nuff said
11) CHRISTMASSSSSSS! things get more and more exciting with time, clearly. this is my favorite holiday. I simply can not wait.
12) THAILAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think about this every day of my life. it's gonna be simply amazing and i don't think i'll ever wanna come back to stupid missouri, lol.
13) my 21st birthday! aw yeah, it'll happen in thailand and it won't matter cause it's legal for me to drink there anyway, but i wanna celebrate at least a little! I don't care what the ajarns say, i'm having my celebratory first legal drink dammit.

k, i think that's it. my mind can't think past this. gotta lot to look forward to in less than 2 months time, though. i'd say...

alright, i'm going to write this stupid paper. there is a cute indian guy sitting across from me. livejournal is stupid.